North of Sweden, environment and culture

On September 13th (in Milan at Teatro Strehler) will be held the presentation the European Capital of Culture, Umeå The city of Umeå, which is on the northern coast of Sweden, will be introduced as […]

Sweden, main character at the Festival of Literature in Bologna

Many authors represented by publishers and the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Institute for Children’s Book will be present at the event on the agenda at the end of March The […]

Anne Jensen (Denmark): EU has to promote economic recovery

The European Parliament, with its guidelines for the budget in 2014, intends to ask to all the European institutions a budget capable of fighting the crisis and stimulate the employment in the EU During the […]

Norway’s success at the Forniture Fair

Norwegian Companies have presented their ideas; the Norwegian Ambassador, Bjorn T. Grydeland, and the State Secretary of Industry and Trade, Rikke Lind, attended the event The morning of the 19th April Norway debuted at the […]