Norway has a population of 4,8 million inhabitants,it is a constitutional monarchy (The Chief of the State Harald V of Norway), the prime Minister is Jens Stoltenberg.The area of Norway is 385.199 square chilometres and its density is 16 inhabitants for a square mile: The capital town is Oslo.

The official language is Norwegian,Sami also is an official language of the Country. The majority religion is evangelican lutheran (Church of Norway). 2008 updated GDF was 2.548 milion NOK: 825,2 milllion euro) . On may  the17th is a public holding (of the Constitution). The Storting, the Norwegian Parliament, is the seat of important decisions and elections to form it are held every four years: The election system is proportional.

The administrative regions of Norway are 19 and municipalities are very old and the Country has strong ties with the neigbouring countries: from 1381 to 1814 Norway was ruled together wih Denmark ; from 1814 to1905 was united with Sweden: During the last decade Norway has been evaluated several times in the first place in the Program for the Development of Humanity by the United Nations.


The Global Gender Gap of the World Economic Forum has considered it  the Country where the highest level of sex parity has been reached : in Norway men have the right to ten whole weeks of paternity in the world of  job and the State is very near to assure the total coverage in the infancy school. The relashionships with the culture of the other components of the European continent are close and Norway is known for cultural expressions of arts ( Edward Munch,, of music ( Edward Grieg), of literature (Henrik Ibsen).


From the functionalism to the postmodernist movement,the Norwegian architecture has reached admired results,Sverre Fehn stands aout of the known names. Of about a thousan wooden churches built from 1.100 to 1.300 only about 30 survive nowadays.

Norway develops an important role in the sustainable growth of th Great North, the arctic area an,even if it doesn’t belogn to the European Union, cooperates in  the Economic European Space. On July 29, two serious attacks in the capital Oslo caused the death of many people; Europe shares the grief of the Country which has declared through the institutions the firm will to continue in the construction of the values that have made it a point of reference for the whole world.